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Innovative & Cost-Effective Conservatory Roof Insulations
Bamford Home Improvements offers a high performance conservatory insulation system, uniquely developed for load bearing capacity that offers
Built in vapour control to reduce damp and mildew
Reduce weather and outdoor noise


Simple, straightforward and stress-free, our 3-step installation process allows us to transform your conservatory in just one day.

First, our professional insulation specialists attach fixings to your existing roof after structure, preserving the shape of
your existing ceiling. Compatible with all conservatory roof types and material construction, our system is specifically
designed to reduce cost and disruption. Our slimline fastenings keep the overall depth of the roofing system to an absolute
minimum – approximately 2 inches.

Next, our certified high-performance foil insulation is fitted and sealed. Its revolutionary multi-layer construction reflects the direct glare of the sun whilst its highly efficient, thermal insulation properties maintain the temperature of your
conservatory all year around. This helps you reclaim valuable living space in your family home.

Finally, your bespoke conservatory solution completed with the addition of our lightweight cladding.

Quieter Living Space

With higher standards of noise insulation, outdoor traffic and thunderous rain will no longer prevent you from relaxing in your upgraded conservatory.

No Sun Bleaching

Acting as a radiant barrier, he roof will protect your furniture from UV-ray damage such as facing and bleaching.

Reduced Heating Bills

With significantly less heat loss, you’ll no longer have to overwork your central heating or resort to
portable electric heaters. Your energy costs will soon fail.

Warmer in Winter

The roof’s layer of SF19 superfoil insulation through the convervatory ensuring that heat stays inside the home.

Cooler in Summer

Unlike dysfunctional glass roofs, our roof solution reduces solar heat gain, helping the conservatory to maintain a comfortable temperature all year around.

Energy Efficient

Your conservatory will no longer be an energy vacuum, but become a stylish and sustainable part of a more eco friendly home.